Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Winthrop's River in the Fall

I shot a photo of leaves in the Methow River while we were camping in October at the KOA in Winthrop. I began to paint it when we returned and this is what it looks like now, I never know when it is finished. I usually stay away from it for 2 days and then when I see it again it either looks done or something jumps at me on the spot!

About Winthrop, the last stop on our month in a motorhome.
We had intended to stay in Winthrop for one or two nights but the area, apart from the touristy town, was breathtaking. Miles of trails to walk, cycle or if in winter, cross country ski. The trails followed the river and the colours of this October can only be described as amazing. We also just loved the little one store/cafe which was the town of Mazama, it could be walked to on the trails or driven to. It was like corner gas and I took many photos inside that I hope will be a neat painting when I get to it.

We stayed nearly a week, we left only because it began to freeze at night.

I would stay there for all of October anytime to see those colours again!!

Eastern Washington was a fantastic state to tour and our month there was so very enjoyable.

PS. the owners of the Winthrop KOA are terrific and the deer were right at our camp in the evening, Larry tossed them apples!

Monday, December 3, 2007

I thought I needed a blog!

So this is my first post and as we are going south for the winter months I hope this is a good way to keep a journal of the trip! And I hope to paint some neat landscapes of the desert while there.

This is a painting done recently from a photo I took in Portland in the Pearl district, Mama Mia, was the restaurant and this neat red bug was out front with that red and gold awning and so much red light the photo was fantastic, Larry spotted the scene so I cannot take credit!!
Below is a collage of some past work.

I photographed this at a funny angle!